Absence that I hope makes the heart grow fonder

Liddie Holt-Harrison

Whilst it seems like only yesterday I shut the doors to my Frome gallery with a view to opening up in Bath, I realise that it has now been 6 months since we had a retail venue.

I’ve had so many kind enquiries from customers and friends, asking when they can come and view our Collection in person again. So I thought I’d provide an explanation for our longer than anticipated absence, and why we are not yet up and running in Bath.

As you’ll be aware many of our pieces are either very fragile or, in the case of our furniture, rather large & heavy. As a result finding the perfect venue has not proved easy and I’ve also been looking at revamping aspects of the Holt Harrison brand, including a new look website that will help all you wonderful tablet users etc.

With my New Year inspiration Tour just around the corner, I’ve decided to hold fire on new premises until the Spring.

I’m off to India after Christmas and have many ideas of how I’d like my Collection to evolve in 2013. I’ll no doubt come back with way too much stuff, but I’m looking forward to wowing you ahead of the summer.

You can of course still get in touch if there are items on the website you’d like to buy or to arrange special commissions.

In the meantime, thanks for all the kind comments and interest in visiting Holt Harrison again. It won’t be long I assure you and I’ll make it worth the wait.

Enjoy your Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Best wishes,

Liddie xx

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Wood & metal – a fusion of strength & beauty

Taking our inspiration from nature, we aim to celebrate the textures, grains, colours and shapes of a wide variety of wood cuts across our Furniture Collection.

It’s inherent characteristics make wood a versatile medium to work with, but ultimately, we prefer to minimise our tampering; preferring to let the raw materials speak for themselves . From Burl Oak to French Walnut, we create tables, desks, benches and stools that compliment a wide variety of interior tastes.

Black American Walnut Bench

Of course, wood with wood can make for stunning pieces. But what happens when you want to compliment a stunning cut of wood with man-made materials such as steel or chrome?

Burl Oak Coffee Table with Square Steel Legs

Utilising wooden legs in the creation of our Burl Oak Coffee Table just didn’t seem to work practically or aesthetically. We had to find something that would take the weight whilst complimenting, rather than overwhelming the natural characteristics of the table top.

We also had to consider the practical necessities of the function of such a piece of furniture. A client may wish to move the table from time to time, thus supporting the weight of the table top with 3 single legs would potentially weaken the structure over time.

Fused into a specially manufactured square frame cut into the underside of the table top, a tripod leg design gave the piece the necessary strength whilst complimenting the colour, grain and bark structure of the Burl Oak.

Burl Oak Coffee Table with Steel Ribbon Legs

Utilising a similar cut of Burl Oak for another client looking for a more ornate finish to the base of the table, we came up with a ribbon leg design. The waves of the ribboned steel were devised to compliment the circular structure of the Burl Oak grain above. The strength of the steel was ideal as it was spread across a greater area of the heavy table top thus ensuring aesthetic considerations matched the practicalities of the piece.

Forging, tempering and oxidising metals such as steel can produce a variety of beautiful finishes and structural strength that will compliment dark and light wood furnishings.

We are constantly looking at innovative ways to bend metals to our way of thinking and we hope you’ll agree that the results are inspiring:

The Bleacher Bench with Polished Chrome Staple Legs

Burl Oak Coffee Table with Tripod Steel Legs

French Walnut Pebble Stools with Chrome Pin Legs

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Atlas, Gigging and Staple …

Perhaps these three terms are familiar to you. But if you thought they referred to ‘a book of maps’, ‘hitting the road as a band’ or ‘a means of binding pages together’, then think again.

These are in fact terms used to when working with textiles:

Atlas – A Warp Knit Fabric In Which A Set Of Yarns Shifts Diagonally One Wale Per Course For Several Courses , Then Returns To The Original Position.

Gigging – The Process Of Raising A Nap On Fabrics By Means Of A Teazle Machine.

Staple – A Lock Or Tuft Of Fibres Of Uniform Properties And Hence A Lock Of Tuft Prepared To Demonstrate Fibre Length.

Working with a wide variety of textiles, from rare breed wools to leather in the creation of our individual furnishings, sculpture and accessories involves an intimate knowledge of the properties, restrictions and opportunities they offer in the design and manufacturing process.

For example, when we were producing our Rare Breed Sheepskin Cushions, the quality of the staple was an essential element in the ‘look’ and ultimately ‘feel’ of the finished pieces.

"Holt Harrison Wool Cushions"




These are the qualities that separate artisan creations from the ‘High Street’ and it’s this attention to detail that we hope our customers enjoy in their homes. We pride ourselves on celebrating the natural beauty of the raw materials we use and it’s this that forms the basis of every piece that bares the Holt Harrison name.

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Elegance at its finest in New York

It doesn’t seem possible that a whole month has shot past since the St.John Autumn/Winter 2012-13 Collection graced the New York runways. Featuring our Conch and Hobble Bags husband and I set off for the show full of excitement and were not to be disappointed. It was a stunning collection featuring great quality fabrics including; mink, satin, silk and wool.

With something chic for all ages the girls showed off the designer’s sumptuous combinations of reds, blacks, camel and browns. Summing it up, I’d simply say ‘elegance at it’s best’ – a Collection to make you feel a million dollars.

Of our bags, the Fashion Week Daily had this to say:

“Oh and let’s talk about those "The Holt Harrison Conch Bag"incredible fur cross-body bags that are so large you could fit a bottle of Veuve inside but maintain a cool vibe with the Navajo brass buckles adorning the chocolate leather strap.”

Sadly, our time at New York fashion week was cut short as my husband took a tumble down a flight of stairs resulting in broken ribs, a trip to the emergency room and our swift departure back to the UK.

Thankfully before that hideousness, we were able to attend the after show party hosted by Cornelia Guest  where we mingled with the great and good of the New York party scene.

I’m pleased to say that the show has had a real impact on demand for the bags. No wonder the month has flown by; nursing my husband back to health, finishing furniture commissions and of course stitching bags to grace the shoulders of the followers of St.John.

A big thank you to this inspiring designer.

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Press Release – Stunning inside or out, The Bleacher highlights Holt Harrison’s design expertise

"The Bleacher"With Spring fast approaching thoughts turn to making the most of our outdoor space and entertaining, but it’s often hard to find statement furniture that is stylish, practical and most importantly unique.

Holt Harrison specialise in creating distinctive furnishings that draw their inspiration from nature, producing unique pieces that suit a variety of interior tastes and styles.

Hand crafted in their Somerset studio, a great example of their expertise and passion is encapsulated in The ‘Bleacher’, a stunning yet practical bench made from a single cut of responsibly sourced Burl Oak.

Mounted on contemporary mirror polished stainless steel legs, this luxurious cut of wood immediately captures the attention with its distinctive natural beauty. Finished with Danish Oil the grain of the wood comes alive, creating a real talking point with its mix of colours, textures and unique character.

Not only does the use of Danish Oil perfectly compliment the characteristics of the Burl Oak, but it also ensures that it can withstand the rigorous demands of its intended function whether placed inside or outside.

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Press Release – Stylish lighting solutions to brighten up your interior

Somerset based gallery Holt Harrison is pleased to announce additions to its range of hand crafted lamps, shades and candelabras.

Created from responsibly sourced raw materials, the Lighting Collection has been produced to compliment a wide range of interior styles, from the traditional to ultra-modern.

Each piece is unique and reflects the natural beauty and complexity of the materials used, and includes:

Texan Longhorn LampThe Longhorn Table Lamp:
Created from a single polished Texan longhorn and presented on a beautiful waxed Oroko wood base, sat elegantly upon ebonised ball feet. This piece is available with pre-matched shade or simply with a chrome lamp holder and fitted with cotton-braided flex.


The Tripod Floor Lamp:
Styled on the original surveyors stand, this magnificent tripod floor lamp with a modern twist has been created from beautiful American black walnut. Stunning stainless steel tipped feet, a chrome lamp fitting and cotton braided flex provide a high quality finish to this piece.

The Oyster Chandelier:
Designed to hand from a standard ceiling light fitting, this intriguing hand crafted piece features vintage French crystals set among ornate oyster and seashells. Hung from beaded strands this is a real statement piece that can be made to measure.

The Antler Candelabra:Antler Candelstick Candelabra
A stunning table top antler candelabra created from a single stag antler. Finished with 4 individual brass candleholders spaced to give optimum light distribution this is a real statement piece for a living or dining space.

With individuality at the heart of every piece created by Holt Harrison, the gallery welcomes bespoke projects and commissions. Visitors to the Somerset gallery can view more examples of the Collection and individual items are now available to buy from Selfridges.

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Press Release – Burl Oak Coffee Tables: celebrating natural beauty with the Holt Harrison collection

With autumn just around the corner, specialist furniture designers Holt Harrison celebrate the natural beauty, versatility and durability of the finest cuts of British Burl Oak with additions to their stunning Furniture Collection.

The Burl Oak Coffee Table is a classic example of Holt Harrison’s expertise and passion. Constructed from a single cut of Somerset Oak, the table features a full slab of the centre trunk of this responsibly sourced domestic timber.

The sumptuous wood table is available with two specially designed leg finishes creating a choice of styles that will compliment a variety of interior settings. Each 5 x 3ft coffee table can be purchased with either four aged square steel legs or atop a single continuous flat aged steel ribbon leg design.

As with all Holt Harrison creations form meets function to ensure that every piece is fit to meet the demands of modern living. The Burl Oak Coffee Tables have been skimmed with oil to show off the tints, grain and individual characteristics of the wood and then sealed to ensure they are resistant to hot and cold liquids, making them the ideal choice for individuals looking for a statement piece for their home or office environment.

"Burl Oak Coffee Table""Burl Oak Ribbon Legged Coffee Table"



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Press Release – Bur Elm Coffee Table: celebrating nature’s best within the Holt Harrison collection

As the beauty of nature comes into full swing, specialist furniture designers Holt Harrison celebrate the natural beauty, versatility and durability of the finest cuts of responsibly sourced wood with an addition to their unique Furniture Collection.

The Bur Elm Coffee Table is a classic example of Holt Harrison’s expertise and passion. Constructed from a single cut of locally sourced Somerset wood, the table top features a full slab of the centre trunk of this rarely available timber.

The sumptuous wood table top is perfectly balanced with Bur Elm legs offset with a broken arch configuration to create an interesting angular footing and overall shaping that will fit within, traditional or unique interior settings.

As with all Holt Harrison creations, form meets function to ensure that every piece is fit to meet the rigours of modern living.

The Bur Elm Coffee Table boasts an exquisite satin finish, created from oil and wax treatments that ensure this functional table is resistant to hot and cold liquids, making it the ideal coffee table for individuals looking for a statement piece for their home or office environment.

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Press Release – Stunning Bird Wing wall art: signature piece for Holt Harrison designer

As featured in Geraldine James’s new Creative Walls book, Liddie Holt Harrison has a keen eye on creating visually stunning, unique and creative wall art using a variety of interesting objects and textiles.

As owner and designer of the Holt Harrison gallery in Somerset, Liddie aims to celebrate the natural beauty of nature by bringing new life to discarded, forgotten and antique materials.

By reclaiming raw materials and setting them off against sumptuous backgrounds, presented in sympathetic frames, the end result is a unique piece of wall art that draws the eye and makes a real statement.

Her collection of hand crafted Bird Wing wall art incorporates signature pieces for which Liddie has an increasingly loyal, discerning following. The most recent of which features vintage silk flowers set with Cock Pheasant, Magpie, Teal, Jay, Crew and Mallard feathers surrounded by reclaimed Victorian butterflies.

Presented on a crimson raw silk background and housed in a beautiful dark Tulipwood frame, this impressive piece is equally striking as the focal point of a room or when complimenting an existing theme.

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Press Release – American Walnut Coffee Table highlights Holt Harrison unique furniture offering

Specialists in creating distinctive furnishings and art, Holt Harrison are pleased to showcase one of their latest creations – the American Walnut Coffee Table.

Hand crafted in their Somerset studio, this latest piece combines their unique design style with function and was designed to appeal to individuals looking for unique pieces to enhance their interiors.

Created from a single piece of high grade and responsibly sourced American walnut, the table features three delicate yet robust legs. The spear shaped tabletop is finished to highlight the natural beauty of the wood whilst ensuring it can withstand the rigorous demands of its intended function. At 94cm long and 76cm at its widest point, this delicate looking, yet practical piece will suit a variety of interior tastes and is a great example of the craftsmanship that Holt Harrison deliver on each piece they produce.

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