From Dog Whistles to Domes – adornments are the key…

Aristotle said “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” – never is this more apt than when we’re talking about accessories or sculptural pieces.

At Holt Harrison the foundation of our Accessories and Sculpture Collections starts with the sourcing of interesting core raw materials such as horn, coral or bonsai. The inherent beauty of these raw materials could easily form the entirety of the items we produce BUT what makes for truly memorable pieces is the use of complimentary and sympathetic adornments that create depth and character.

Bonsai Sculpture:

A rescued mature Bonsai accommodating ‘Victorian preserved songbirds’ set with antique crystal droplets and reclaimed silk flowers makes this a unique and inspiring piece that will create a focal point for a variety of interior spaces.

Bonsai Table SculptureSeascape Dome:

Carefully sourced crustaceans set amongst reclaimed shells and complimentary beach features, these domes celebrate more than just the objects within; they provide an indulgence of the senses. Beautiful colouration, dimensions and texture provide an inspiring canvas of natural beauty – perfect for a bathroom.

Coral DomeDog Whistles:

Created from horn and miniature antlers these lifestyle accessories are more than just practical recall instruments. Secured with a leather necklace and adorned with a variety of metals, stones, tassles and interesting objects sourced from our travels around the globe – these are fashion accessories; a true reflection of the wearer.

Dog WhistleDog Whistle

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