The Menagerie spreads out at 271 …

I can’t quite believe it’s been a year since we decided to embark on opening our Lillie Road shop in London. Though it was a ‘toe-in-the-water’ moment shared with a couple of like minded souls, it would appear that the Holt Harrison Collection has found a place to call ‘a home of its own’ within this lovely enclave of antiques & curios.

Thanks to some amazing customer feedback and a year of fine tuning our offering, I’m delighted to say that we’ll be taking the reins of 271 Lillie Road and looking forward to another year (and hopefully many more!) for Holt Harrison in the Capital.

Having just packed another van load ready to dress the shop window for Xmas it’s great to know that visitors to the shop will be able to enjoy a more comprehensive experience of the Collection; a Collection that has evolved over the last 12 months to include a range of antiques that sit comfortably amongst our Furniture, Sculptural Art and Lifestyle Accessories.

Holt Harrison Nude Portrait

Antique Nude Portrait

For those accustomed to my work, you’ll already know the passion I have for breathing new life into old, discarded and forgotten items.

So, alongside creating pieces for the Collection, you can imagine just how much fun I’ve been having sourcing antique items to satisfy the broader tastes of the discerning Lillie Road shopper.

I guess it was always going to be a natural progression for Holt Harrison as it’s really a microcosm of my home. This was summed up beautifully by Ros Byam Shaw writing for Ernest magazine, shortly to come out in print.

You can download a preview of the article entitled The Menagerie for a overview of what I mean by that.

Of course it’s not just the addition of a range of antique pieces that will draw visitors to our shop! We’ve also been very busy creating new pieces of furniture, domes and sculptural art to evolve the Collection.

For example, our new Pebble Side Tables made from selected cuts of mahogany, french polished and finished with contemporary chrome & bronze legs are ideal for a variety of interior styles and make for a great addition to a stylish bathroom.

Pebble Side Tables

And if you’re looking for smaller decorative items we’ve got an interesting mix of vases that make great statement pieces in their own right, or perfectly set off shelves, benches or tables.

White Ceramic Vases

Silver Vases






So if you’re in the area I hope you’ll stop by to view the Xmas window display and step inside to view the new 271 Lillie Road; it’s all new AND it’s all totally Holt Harrison.

If he hasn’t been snapped up before Xmas you may even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of our ‘Rocking Goat’. Yes that’s right our ‘Rocking Goat’!

Rocking Goat

Looking forward to seeing you.

Love & festive cheer,

Liddie xx

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Eccentric moi?

English Eccentric book

If you canvas those that know me I’m sure there will be plethora of terms used to describe me. Eccentric is just one of them and I have absolutely no problem with that, as clearly I’m in very good company!

Since we moved to Somerset, both Harry and myself have been delighted with how the styling of our home has resonated with writers, photographers and even location scouts. In under a decade Egford has featured in weekend supplements and several books on interiors.

Most recently, we were delighted to invite Ros Byam Shaw into our home as she worked on her latest book ‘English Eccentrics‘. As a former features editor for World of Interiors, Ros has written several books on the subject and is seen as a leading commentator in her field.

Those of us lucky enough to feature in its pages are described as ‘people with a strong sense of the visual and the courage and flair to be original’. Well I couldn’t be happier with that!

Ros really captured how Egford is a manifestation of the many factors that influence the styling of our personal space; a style that has shaped the Holt Harrison Collections showcased at our Lillie Road shop (271 Lillie Road, Fulham, SW6 7LL). It’s the result of our time travelling the globe, our desire for the unique rather than the uniform, and our belief in bringing new life to often discarded and unloved items.

So if the following statement appeals, get hold of a copy and you’ll see how delighted we were to feature amongst such great company. Long live individuality and if that means we’re eccentric, then Harry and I are paid up members and proud.

‘English Eccentric is a book about interiors that will amuse and inspire in equal measure, and about people whose creativity, rather than wealth, informs their take on interior design’.

Thanks Ros, magnificent work as ever.

Liddie xx

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Back in the saddle …

Holt Harrison at 271 Lillie Road SW6

I can’t quite believe that it’s been a month since we opened the doors of our new premises on London’s eclectic Lillie Road. We’re so fortunate to be surrounded by lots of interesting antiques shops but what’s clear from visitors is that we’re showcasing some really unique items in our Collection which is generating a lot of interest.

We were delighted to welcome so many to our preview night in September. I was so busy catching up with our guests that I didn’t get a chance to sample the wonderful selection of Somerset cheeses that Harry had so meticulously selected for the event.

Alongside some great pieces sourced by Julian Carr-Linford (with whom we share 271) we believe we’ve created an inviting space that really brings the Holt Harrison Collection alive.

Much of our clientele is made up of interiors professionals who are snapping up our pieces and ordering special commissions. The challenge for us is to maintain the look and feel of our new space as items are removed from sale on a daily basis.

Of course we wouldn’t have it any other way!!


Porcelain Bowls by Steven Geddes

We’ve got a great mix of FURNITURE, LIGHTING, ART, TEXTILES and ACCESSORIES, all created from responsibly sourced raw materials in our Somerset workshop.

The Collection also features selected items from friends like Steven Geddes whose stunning porcelain bowls compliment so many interior styles.

It’s so great to be back in the saddle, welcoming passers by and regular visitors to 271. If you’ve not yet popped in feel free to come and have a browse.

I’m sure you’ll find something to adorn your personal space among the Holt Harrison Collection and the wonderful items sourced by Julian and Alex.

There’s a great vibe along this ‘not so little’ enclave and a real buzz that draws you in. It’s a constant battle to reign in my spending in the neighbouring antique shops. Thankfully, Harry ensures the estate car only makes the journey to London. The return to Somerset is by way of our rather less spacious sporty number, no doubt strategically employed to leave me little room for stowaway items.

Hope to see you at 271 very soon.

Liddie xx

P.S new website is on its way I promise.



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We’re having loads of fun preparing 271 …

Well it feels like I’ve been living in my painting overalls for the past few weeks!!

We’re just a few weeks away from opening the doors of our new London space at 271 Lillie Road, SW6 and after a longer than anticipated break from having a dedicated space for the Holt Harrison Collection, I can’t wait to showcase it to a discerning London clientele.

I’ve partnered up with 2 individuals who share my passion for sourcing and showcasing the finest interior adornments. Holt Harrison will share our new space with Julian Carr-Linfield who specialises in unearthing the most amazing antique pieces from around the globe.

The Holt Harrison Collection will feature many new pieces to celebrate the opening, alongside popular pieces of furniture, textiles, sculpture and accessories created in our inimitable style.

Paint brushes have now been consigned to the workshop and it’s just a question of transporting the Collection from Somerset to London.

Keep an eye out for our official opening date and we look forward to welcoming you at 271 Lillie Road, London, SW6.

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Summer in Somerset

When Harry and I relocated to Somerset several years ago one of the reasons for leaving we cited to our London cohorts was our desire to be closer to nature for creative inspiration.

Over the last few weeks with the summer sun beaming across our beautiful Somerset enclave it was easy to underestimate how invigorating the British countryside can be and just how diverse the themes of inspiration it offers up.

It’s been a pleasurable assault on the senses and something we have grown quite protective of! Just some of the highlights for us in these balmy summer months come from all corners of this gorgeous county.

Our local waterways team with beautifully mottled brown trout, vibrantly coloured river flowers and, of course, stunning dragonflies sporting a wide array of metallic hues. The woodlands where we walk our 5 hounds come alive with elderflower and wild primrose, attracting a rainbow of colour from our native butterfly population.

The colourful patchwork of fields brought to life by our local farmers and their healthy looking livestock provide a canvas of inspiration that both stimulates the senses and reminds us of the importance of protecting rare breeds and celebrating their natural local heritage.

From the vantage point of lying in the lush summer grass we never tire of the perspective this brings when looking up into the canopies of our ancient Oak trees swaying majestically in the wind, supporting an acoustic chorus of bird song across the day.

And then of course there’s the blooming of our established garden flowers and shrubs, fruit trees baring small but enticingly colourful apples and bright green pears. Our veg plot is supporting not only us but an army of aphids, butterflies and ladybirds; all of which bring a further delight of shapes and colours only nature could conjure up.

Recently this inspirational flora and fauna was given a further edge by the local populace and visitors negotiating our winding lanes en route to Glastonbury in colourful campervans and clobber. Then there’s the ever popular fetes packed with all manner of colourful and delicious home made Victoria Sponge, Strawberries & cream, flower arrangements etc.

So here’s to stunning Somerset and the inspiration it delivers in spades. Whilst we still enjoy our jaunts to far flung places like Goa and Kerela, this summer we’ll be staying put. Let’s just hope the recent rainfall (great for the flora!) makes way for some more of that terrific summer sun.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your rural or urban summer, it’s something to treasure.

Liddie xx

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From Dog Whistles to Domes – adornments are the key…

Aristotle said “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” – never is this more apt than when we’re talking about accessories or sculptural pieces.

At Holt Harrison the foundation of our Accessories and Sculpture Collections starts with the sourcing of interesting core raw materials such as horn, coral or bonsai. The inherent beauty of these raw materials could easily form the entirety of the items we produce BUT what makes for truly memorable pieces is the use of complimentary and sympathetic adornments that create depth and character.

Bonsai Sculpture:

A rescued mature Bonsai accommodating ‘Victorian preserved songbirds’ set with antique crystal droplets and reclaimed silk flowers makes this a unique and inspiring piece that will create a focal point for a variety of interior spaces.

Bonsai Table SculptureSeascape Dome:

Carefully sourced crustaceans set amongst reclaimed shells and complimentary beach features, these domes celebrate more than just the objects within; they provide an indulgence of the senses. Beautiful colouration, dimensions and texture provide an inspiring canvas of natural beauty – perfect for a bathroom.

Coral DomeDog Whistles:

Created from horn and miniature antlers these lifestyle accessories are more than just practical recall instruments. Secured with a leather necklace and adorned with a variety of metals, stones, tassles and interesting objects sourced from our travels around the globe – these are fashion accessories; a true reflection of the wearer.

Dog WhistleDog Whistle

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A meeting of minds

Isn’t it just delightful when you bump into a likeminded creative soul. Even better when it happens at just the right moment.

I first met Jesse Wild when he visited my gallery in Frome last summer. We spent some time discussing the Holt Harrison Collection and it was clear that he not only got what the Collection is all about, but could also visually interpret it in a context that really resonated with me.

I’ve recently been working with my team to update my website and other marketing materials, and it has been challenging to say the least. Finding a balance between making our website as accessible as possible (to a wider audience – accessible across multiple devices – in keeping with the market in general) whilst maintaining our distinctive style, is not that easy.

Do we showcase the Collection against a plain white background so that customers such as Interior Designers can instil their own interpretations? Or do we show it in the context in which the pieces were created (see my blog: A unique style that underpins the Holt Harrison Collection)

Well they say you can’t please all the people, all the time!

So I’m going to go with my gut and underpin the new website with some great images captured by Jesse at Egford earlier this month. So, to whet your appetite, I thought I’d give you a preview of some of his great work that really captures the essence of the Holt Harrison Collection ….. enjoy xx

Holt Harrison Domes

Butterfly Dome & Seascape Dome


Wooden Candle Sticks

Wooden Candlesticks

Holt Harrison Texas Longhorn Lamp

Texas Longhorn Lamp

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A unique style that underpins the Holt Harrison Collection

I’m often asked “Where do you get your inspiration” for the pieces featured in the Holt Harrison Collection!

The answer is a great deal simpler than you might think – if I’d be happy to live with it at Egford House then I’m happy to create it. Unfortunately, this often means that many of my creations never leave the confines of my home when they should be sold to paying customers!!

You’ll know from the website that the the Holt Harrison Collection draws inspiration from nature, but its inimitable style is firmly rooted in my passion for bringing new life to discarded and antique materials.

Whilst I have been looking to secure new premises for Holt Harrison, Egford House has served as the ideal canvas for presenting my work. This is something that has been reflected in print over the last few years.

Last summer (July 2012) Egford was profiled in the Telegraph Magazine, showcasing amongst other pieces, our antler candelabras and wall sculptures.

Holt Harrison in The Telegraph Magazine

The Telegraph Magazine July 2012


Holt Harrison in the Telegraph Magazine

The Telegraph Magazine July 2012





(Click images to enlarge)








If you are particularly interested in Interiors you may have seen our work featured in books by Geraldine James and Martyn Thompson:

Creative Walls by Geraldine James

Creative Walls - Geraldine James

Alongside featuring much of Egford’s wall space in her book, Geraldine was instrumental in placing selected pieces from our Collection in Selfridges in 2011/2012, for which I was very grateful. You can read reviews and buy Creative Walls online, including various blogs such as The Woman’s Room.

As an Internationally renowned photographer Martyn Thompson’s book Interiors was well received by the Interiors community and it was really great to see Egford profiled alongside a wealth of great properties.

Martyn Thompson's book Interiors

Interiors by Martyn Thompson

Interiors got rave reviews on publication and has regularly featured in industry blogs, including the Trendland blog last summer.

A huge Thank You to the team at The Telegraph, Geraldine and Martyn.

Great photography, copy and presentation of the Holt Harrison Collection through the canvas of Egford House.

We’ve just finished some new photography with Jesse Wild for our new website and you can grab a sneak preview on my A meeting of minds posting.

Thanks for stopping by,

Liddie x


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Special events, celebrations & other cherished memories …

Captured for posterity in a dome!

When you’re looking for something truly unique for your home, there’s really nothing more fitting that a Memorabilia Dome.

If you’re anything like me you’ll have lots of different trinkets dotted around your home relating to special memories and events in your life. It could be things from your wedding day, the birth of your children, a treasured pet or a landmark anniversary.

We’ve recently completed several special commissions for Memorabilia Domes on behalf of customers across the globe and despite each being completely unique, they all share the styling and characteristics of the Holt Harrison design aesthetic.

Personal items collaborate with natural adornments such as minature bonsai, taxidermy, vintage silk flowers, reclaimed adornments, butterflies and more; all housed within antique glass domes of varying sizes.

Due to the highly personal nature of each commission, we are not able to showcase these pieces here, but I was recently inspired to create one for Egford House (**this will link to Telegraph piece in separate blog**) celebrating my marriage to Harry 6 years ago.

At last, I could rescue and re-invigorate a tier from our wedding cake that had been stored in the attic alongside various trinkets from our special day.

My Wedding Memorabilia Dome:

Incorporated within an antique French glass dome, the tier from our wedding cake forms the central focus of the piece sitting within a birds nest, held atop a bonsai covered with moss gathered from our local wood.

Two beautiful song birds and a selection of antique butterflies signified the natural beauty of our wedding venue in the heart of Somerset, and act as a constant reminder of the sounds and colour that surrounded us on the day.

Holt Harrison Memorabilia Dome

The Wedding Dome

Roedeer skulls surround a further birds nest featuring eggs, reflecting our lifelong commitment to each other, and porcelain seed pods are scattered alongside confetti and ribbons from our big day.

The porcelain seeds pods were selected to highlight the fragile nature of life and how love can grow from the smallest of seeds into something spectacular.

A gold ring, silver bell and crucifix relate to items given to us by friends on the day and have been strategically placed to catch the eye and draw you in, ensuring a new discovery every time visitors to the house look upon the dome.

Of course, everyone has a different story to tell. We’ll create a Holt Harrison Memorabilia Dome that will inspire, captivate and celebrate special moments in your life.

Even if you don’t want a personalised dome, you can select one of our pieces from our Dome Collection where each creation is unique; featuring anything from seascapes to vintage dolls eyes!


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We’re off to Battersea Park …

It’s our first show of 2013 and we’re looking forward to showcasing selected pieces from the Holt Harrison Collection at The Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair  in London.

This 5 day event held in leafy Battersea Park draws collectors and interior designers looking for interesting British and European pieces. It’s great to be involved and between the 22nd and 27th of January visitors can come and acquire some of our unique creations, including:

Sculptural Domes

‘One Off’ statement pieces created from a mixture of natural raw materials, embellished with antique and contemporary items, presented in Victorian glass domes.

Visitors will have the chance to acquire creations such as our:

  • Roe Deer Dome
  • Beetle Dome
  • Birds Nest Dome
  • Hermit Crab Dome
  • Tarantula Dome

Bird Wing Wall Art

Stunning framed wall art featuring selected bird wing feathers, vintage silk flowers and reclaimed antique butterflies set against a beautiful silk background. Deep set within their frames, these create a real focal point in any room.

Feathers include:

  • Cock Pheasant
  • Magpie
  • Teal
  • Jay
  • Crew
  • Mallard





Antler Candelabras

Ideal for creating a talking point around the dining table, these beautiful candelabras  made from responsibly sourced deer antlers from the West Country.

Finished with brass candle holders they really light up an interior.






So come along to stand no.15 and snap up a unique piece from the Holt Harrison Collection. We’re next to the bar so you’ll also be able to celebrate your acquisition with some liquid refreshment.

Liddie xx

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